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Unfortunately, some cities will not allow residents to locate storage units in the city limits. However, you may want to check with your city officials just to make sure.
First, it is important that the ground where the storage unit is going to be placed is dry. Please keep in mind the storage unit itself is heavy and so is the equipment delivering it. The truck and trailer total about 100 feet so please keep that in mind. Second, make sure that there are no power lines near the delivery site. The trailer transporting the unit has to tilt up to place the storage container and we don't want to damage any power lines in the process. Finally, if the driver determines the site is unsafe for delivery, he will not deliver the storage unit and you will be charged a 25% re-stocking fee along with the additional delivery charge.
Yes. We need someone to be there to show us where to place the storage unit and sign some necessary paperwork. We charge for both the delivery and pick up at the time of delivery along with the first two months' rent. The driver will need to collect that payment before he unloads the storage unit.
We charge the delivery and pick up costs along with the first two months' rent at the time of delivery. There is a $115 minimum charge for delivery and pick up. If the delivery location is outside a 25-mile radius, we will charge $3.00 per loaded mile plus a fuel surcharge.
We require a one-month minimum. If you need the storage unit for a shorter amount of time, please contact us by phone or click the Request a Quote Button for further information.
You may choose to secure your container using a lock which can be placed on the door.
Please make sure you have cleared out the contents of the storage unit and have removed anything from around the unit that could hinder the trailer from properly reaching the unit to pick it up. If the driver arrives and cannot safely pick up the box due to it being loaded or there being obstacles which could hinder pick up, the driver will not pick up the unit and you will be charged a second pick up fee.
The best way to check your account balance is to call or email us. You can call us at 662-844-4009 or email us at accounting@midsouthleasinginc.com.
Yes. However, if you do choose to use a credit or debit card, you will be charged an additional fee for payment processing. You may pay over the phone, just be aware there is an additional processing fee. If you choose to pay in person, please stop by our office at 5469 HWY 145 South Shannon, MS 38868.
No. We do not move the containers once they are filled. Not only does this cause additional weight that could damage our equipment, it also means the loading and unloading process could damage the contents inside when the container shifts. We do not accept this responsibility and therefore will only move a container once it is completely empty.